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Hygienically safe facility

The campaign is to provide Poles with access to information on facilities adapted to provide services in accordance with Chief Sanitatary Inspectorate (GIS) guidelines. It is addressed to all entities providing accommodation services in Poland.

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The application is free and optional. The graphic symbol can be used for marketing activities for a year from confirming compliance with the rules and guidelines.

The goal of the campaign is:

1. Propagating knowledge and sharing materials on preparation for the provision of services during an epidemiological threat.

2. Building guest confidence in the security status of facilities adapted to provide services in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the Ministry of Development and the GIS.

3. Increasing the safety and health protection of the employees of accommodation facilities, including when using catering services provided in the facilities.

4. Minimizing the risk of infecting guests and other people, including suppliers.

5. Comprehensive operation adapted to the stage of advancement of the epidemic hazard.

The Program may be joined by facilities in which procedures have been implemented in accordance with the Guidelines for the operation of hotels / guesthouses during the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland and - if they provide such services - with the Guidelines for the operation of gastronomy during the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland. In order to facilitate the adaptation of facilities to the GIS guidelines, we have developed a Facility Adaptation Card jointly with the accommodation industry, it has been approved by the GIS. A follow-up visit will be planned based on the form you will complete below,.

Facility adaptation card

for the applicable guidelines for the operation of accommodation facilities and the catering services they provide during the Covid-19 epidemic in Poland.

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Author: POT/KCB
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2020-07-17
Last update: 2020-07-28

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