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E-commerce zone: how to keep pace in terms of technology


The data shows that currently around 150,000 Polish enterprises sell products and services via the Internet, using various solutions available on the market. Compared to Western Europe, this number is still small, but it has a strong potential to grow.

The results of the latest UFI Global Barometer survey


UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has released the latest edition of its flagship industry survey, Global Barometer. The survey was completed in June 2021 and contains data from a record number of 474 companies from 64 countries and regions. 

A Polish branch at the MICE by Melody workshop in Germany


For many years, the German market has been one of the most important markets contributing to foreign tourism in Poland.

It is going to be an exciting September with the Kraków Fair


For the first time, we are looking forward to the end of the holidays, despite the fact that we have very intense and busy months ahead of us. The exhibition industry is back in business, and we are very excited about it. Meetings, long discussions, exchanging knowledge and experience, establishing new and strengthening existing contacts is a great value and advantage of the B2B fair that we specialise in.

Kraków the Host City: Stories - Episode 2: First Business Meetings


The first business trips were associated with politics, diplomacy and trade. Since Krakow as a capital of Poland was a significant political scientific, cultural and commercial centre, the first traces of the development of business tourism can be found in the history of the city.

‘The Meetings Industry in Kraków 2020’ – report now available!


We invite you to read a report summarising the meetings industry in Kraków in 2020. The year, Krakow's economy and other socio-cultural dimensions of the city completely deviated from trends observed in previous years.

#ZnowuSieSpotykamy (WeMeetAgain) – a new campaign to support the meetings industry launches


The Meetings and Events Industry Council launched an outreach campaign under the banner #ZnowuSieSpotykamy in July 2021. It has received honorary patronage from the President of the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT).

‘Lesser Poland - Travel Destination’ – EU funds for tourism recovery in Krakow and the Małopolska Region


Counteracting the effects of the pandemic and rebuilding tourism in the spirit of sustainable tourism is the challenge facing both Kraków and the entirety of the Małopolska (Lesser Poland) Region. The tourism industry, including the MICE sector, deepened in a slump and is slowly beginning to recover.

Kraków the Host City: Stories


Tourism is an indispensable element of Krakow, but has it always been like this? We will attempt to answer the question in the new series entitled Kraków the Host City: Stories, in which we will present the events that have created the history of tourism in our city, as history itself constitutes a vital element in the life of every human.

Long time no see - Discover Krakow Anew!


Being a city well-known to every conference organiser, Krakow has its other less-well known face — which was discovered by the participants of the study tour organised as part of the ‘Long Time No See – Let’s Meet in Poland’.

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