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Appeal and fundraising for the protection of Lviv's cultural heritage


In the wake of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as well as the destructive brutality of the war, the Lviv City Council and the Board for the Protection of the Historic Environment of Lviv, have appealed for support.

Appeal of the Council of the Meetings and Events Industry 'TUgether' - let us meet so that we can effectively help Ukraine!


The Council of the Meetings and Events Industry 'TUgether' appeals not to cancel events, meetings and trips planned as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) action plans, which can now additionally serve important aid purposes.

Kraków the Host City: Stories Episode 4: First Scientific Conferences


Medicine is closely associated with Krakow: this is where future doctors were educated. Maciej Miechowita, referred to as the Polish Hippocrates, worked in Krakow as a physician; a university hospital was established in 1780 on the initiative of Professor Andrzej Badurski, and the first departments and chairs in Poland were created in Krakow, such as, among others: the chair of anatomy, surgery and obstetrics, which starting in 1780 was headed by the ‘father of Polish surgery’, Professor Rafał Czerwiakowski, and by the founder of the first surgical clinic at ul. Kopernika 40, Professor Ludwik Rydygier.

Kraków the Host City: Stories Episode 3: Scientific Conferences in Kraków


Kraków was a popular commercial location on the map of Europe. However, it should also be remembered that Kraków was a famous scientific centre, with the thriving Jagiellonian University (current name), which opened in 1364.

Kraków. The Host City: Stories Episode 5: VIII World Congress of the Universal Esperanto Association 1912


The impressive VIII World Congress of the Universal Esperanto Association, listed in ICCA's database, was held in Kraków on 11-18 August 1912 to mark the 25th anniversary of publishing the first Esperanto textbook, whose author as well as initiator of the Esperanto movement was the Polish ophthalmologist Ludwik Zamenhof. Let us recall that Esperanto is the most widespread international supporting language in the world, currently spoken by around 2 million people.

2021 - New Reality, New Challenges


New reality - "taming" the pandemic

The Kraków meetings industry, despite the continuing difficult situation, has adapted to the new reality by organizing online and hybrid events. However, both the organizers of the meetings, the academic world and the participants of congresses, conferences and training sessions agree that they want to return to meeting in person. The pandemic, the new reality and online life have shown how important meetings and people are in the meetings industry.

Poland promoted at IBTM World 2021


Like every year, the Polish Tourism Organisation was responsible for the Polish national stand at IBTM World in Barcelona (30.11-2.12.2021) -  one of the most important events in the meeting industry. This year’s offer was accompanied by a promo campaign called #PolandWeAreMeetingAgain.

More than 900 ideas for the sustainability of Kraków's tourism


Krakow is implementing measures aimed at balancing tourism and improving the quality of its tourist services. The next stage of meetings in the ‘Direction: A City for All’ series, i.e. the work of executive groups, has just been launched. During the creative session, representatives of the Kraków tourism market proposed over 900 ideas for projects compliant with the assumptions of the ‘Sustainable Tourism Policy of Kraków for 2021-2028’.

Kraków. The Host City: Stories Episode 6: First dormitories (bursa) and inns (L'Auberge)


Jagiellonian University was founded on 12 May 1364 by King Casimir III the Great and its charter was renewed in 1400 by Władysław Jagiełło, making it the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. The Studium Generale, as the university was then called, consisted of three faculties: liberal arts, medicine, and law.

ICCA 2022 Congress Destination announcement


We are pleased to announce that the 61st ICCA Congress will take our members to a city in the heart of Europe that is also a centre of international culture, art and science. Krakow, Poland (6-9 November 2022) is a place to explore centuries of history alongside jewels of modern architecture. Each year the easily accessible city welcomes many important cultural and academic events, as well as business meetings.

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