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E-commerce zone: how to keep pace in terms of technology

The data shows that currently around 150,000 Polish enterprises sell products and services via the Internet, using various solutions available on the market. Compared to Western Europe, this number is still small, but it has a strong potential to grow.

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In order to meet the expectations of customers, Targi w Krakowie decided at its industry events to create an e-commerce zone dedicated to solutions in the field of new technologies used in online sales. The analyses carried out at the beginning of 2021 show that on-line sales in Poland are booming – in 2020, on-line shopping accounted for 14% of the total value of retail sales in Poland. Factors influencing such a high volume of online shopping were, inter alia, pandemic and rapid development in the field of e-commerce solutions. It is estimated that in 2026 the value of the Polish online trade market will amount to PLN 162 billion gross, which translates to an annual growth of 12%. Consumer surveys shows that over 74% of Poles want to maintain the level of online shopping after the pandemic, and 10% forecast its increase.

The digital transformation process has accelerated the shift towards online solutions. The last 18 months has shown an increase in the group of consumers using online shopping platforms. Changes on the market, the emergence of new players and the effect of consumer habits contribute to the growing popularity of this type of transaction.

Digitisation has become one of the greatest challenges for companies in Poland. Entrepreneurs need to consider how to keep up with the pace of competition in terms of technology. However, solutions in this area should be tailored to individual industries. That is why special e-commerce zones will be created during the most important industry fairs organised by Targi in Krakow. Places for training and for the presentation of new technologies will be arranged, where the exchange of experiences will become critical in solving such aspects of online sales as: omnichannel, customer experience, activation and acquisition of loyal customers, and of course, logistics and continuity of supplies.

B2B fairs is a gateway to the world where the publishing, hotel, catering, industrial and packaging sectors operate.

More about the trade fairs with e-commerce zones here. 

The data for the content of the article comes from the PwC report – Prospects for the development of the e-commerce market in Poland 2021-2026, February 2021.

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Author: Expo Kraków
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2021-08-25
Last update: 2021-08-30

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