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Kraków fair among the Christmas proposals of The Times

Kraków Christmas Fair has been listed among the most interesting European Christmas fairs that The Times is promoting as worth visiting this year. It is one of the Christmas tourist offers, along with Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin and Gdańsk, among others. The Christmas Fair on Kraków's Main Market Square will be inaugurated on 25 November 2022 and will run until 1 January 2023.

Photo Jan Graczyński

Christmas fairs are a kind of motif that builds up the atmosphere of the festive period, and they’re a great reason to visit European metropolises during this time. They also promote the city and support tourism, culture, and the economy. Two Polish cities, Kraków and Gdańsk, were  recommended by the The Times as among their top favourite Christmas fairs. The Times praised the fair in the capital of Małopolska, for, among other things, its charming setting and festive atmosphere, and highlighted the city’s unique architecture as well as the abundance of wooden decorations and traditional delicacies. It bears mentioning that the Christmas Fair on Kraków’s Main Market Square is the ideal place to for find the perfect Christmas gifts.

Discover the best Christmas fairs, including Kraków’s, with The Times here:

The Christmas Fair on the Main Market Square in Kraków will commence on 25 November 2022 and will run until 1 January 2023. Merchants will offer a wide range of festive products such as hand-painted Christmas balls and other Christmas tree ornaments, decorative items, Christmas decorations, ceramics, craft products made of wood, wool and cloth, artistic glass, jewellery, souvenirs, postcards, calendars. We will also be hosting merchants from Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary, who will be selling, among other things, cold cuts, cheese and sausages, bread, jewellery made from fabric and wood, handicraft made from linen and wool, souvenirs, ceramics, and much more.

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Author: UMK
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2022-10-28
Last update: 2022-10-28

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