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Legacy Project Bank

The term "legacy" in relation to the meetings industry means the heritage that an event leaves behind in the place where it is held. The interaction between the event and the city results in a kind of 'impact', which is not only seen in the context of the economic dimension, but more broadly: as the effect of the organisation of the event or meeting, changing the destination in which the project is carried out. It can influence the attitude of local decision-makers, and inspire local communities in almost every area of human activity.

In Krakow we promote thinking about congresses in terms of 'heritage'. We believe that they are not an episode in the life of the city, but have the potential to have a positive impact on the local community. This awareness also changes the understanding of the congress itself - from an event closed to a group of specialists, it becomes potentially "open to the city", bringing benefits to a variety of its users.

The "Legacy Project Bank" maintained by the Kraków Convention Bureau is an ever-growing database of initiatives in which event organisers can get involved. The initiatives have been divided according to their area of impact into the following three categories: environment, society, and economy. As sustainability is important to us, each initiative included in the Project Bank relates to one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We encourage event organisers to contact us - our team will present the available solutions and will help to adjust the initiative to the specificity and character of the event.