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Kraków – a city of innovation! The Kraków. Meet the Innovation campaign starts

Over 500 technology companies, almost 50,000 IT employees and 9,000 students of IT-related fields are only some of the figures confirming that Kraków is one of the most rapidly developing innovation centres in Europe. The image of a business-friendly city will be created by a campaign designed by Kraków5020 – a municipal company functioning in the DMO (Destination Management Organisation) model whose goal is to build the image of the city and to promote it in co-operation with entities from various industries.

What testifies to the uniqueness of the Kraków innovation ecosystem? There are a few factors that make up a good climate for the development of start-ups and the establishment of internationally competitive businesses. ‘Thanks to top-class universities, the local community supported by networking organisations, an expanded business centre infrastructure, young talented personnel and highly skilled specialists, our city is not only a thriving centre of recreational tourism, but also a very attractive business destination,’ says Izabela Błaszczyk, President of Kraków5020. ‘We will use this potential, create the image of a modern city by connecting companies from many industries and show to investors and start-up founders that it a good place to develop business.’

This is reflected in rankings. Kraków was recognised as the business-friendliest city in Poland in the Forbes ranking and ranked 20th among Top 100 Super Cities according to the Tholons Global Innovation Index.

In the Kraków. Meet the Innovation campaign, the Kraków industry is described by those who know it like the back of their hand: start-up founders and specialists from innovative companies, including Anna Weber – the founder of Pomelody, a platform with valuable music for children, Szymon Brylski from Bidroom, an online marketplace for travel lovers, or Liza Khlopkova – a co-founder of the Vrpartments start-up. The campaign will also be visible in the centre of Kraków. Tourists and inhabitants will learn from media located in Planty Park why Kraków is one of Europe’s most innovative cities. The data used in the campaign come from a report on Kraków start-ups prepared by the #OMGKRK Foundation.

The capital of Małopolska is presented as a popular tourist destination and an important point on the world’s business map also in Stories|50–20 – a series of videos prepared by Kraków5020 and available on LinkedIn and YouTube. Each of the cycle’s protagonists is enchanted with Kraków, although the reason is different in each case. The videos show that the community of Kraków expats is very diverse – not only in terms of nationality, but also with regard to professional qualifications and interests.

The Kraków. Meet the Innovation campaign is consistent with recommendations of the strategic program for the promotion of the City of Kraków for the years 2016–2022. The document highlights the need to create a “second image pillar” for the city based on the creation of modern associations and the balancing of history and heritage with modernity. The program also recommends the promotion of the city’s business specialisation in consideration of economic sectors based on knowledge, innovation and new technologies.

The campaign is organised by Kraków5020 – a municipal company functioning in the DMO (Destination Management Organisation) model that builds the image of the city in co-operation with entities from various industries. Its mission is to promote the city as an attractive tourist and business destination.

One of the campaign’s partners is the #OMGKRK Foundation supporting the local start-up and innovative business industry.