górne tło


Typical of Krakow and the surrounding area, the temperate transitional climate is characterised by frequent changes in weather, because over Poland the dry air masses from the Eurasian continent and the moist from the Atlantic clash. The average annual temperature in Krakow is 8-9°C. The lowest temperatures on thermometers usually appear from mid-January to mid-February (average January temperature is -3°C). The warmest and most sunlit months of the year are July and August (average temperature in July is 18°C). This characteristic climate means that the tourist season here lasts a very long time: The abundance of winter snow on the slopes of the mountains makes Małopolska the Polish winter sports centre, while from May to September the weather is warm and friendly, with a large number of sunny days.

Krakow's climate records:
- Lowest air temperature: -32.7°C
- Highest air temperature: 38.4°C
- Maximum air temperature in winter: 18.2°C
- The longest string of days with precipitation: 33 days
- The longest string of days without precipitation: 31 days