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Evening activities in Krakow after the conference

See what attractions we have for you after the event in Krakow

The hottest evenings in Poland

Krakow is famous for its underground pubs and cellars of adapted for clubs. It probably has more clubs in the "square kilometre" than any other city in Europe. The local Friday and Saturday nights are considered the hottest in Poland.

Krakow's clubs lure with their unique atmosphere. Some spend more time in them than at home. Some venues have a distinctive image. Tables with sewing machines stood in the summer in front of the Singer pub have almost grown into the urban fabric of Kazimierz. The climate of the former Jewish district has something magic: Here time seems to stop. If it's magic you are after – then you are definitely looking for the cult club Alchemia on New Square. Its dreamlike decor captivated even the Editors (who filmed their video here for the song You Don't Know Love).

Krakow's clubs lure with their unique atmosphere. Some spend more time in them than at home.

The biggest concerts are held in the student clubs: Studio, Kwadrat, Żaczek, Zaścianek, and Gwarek. Major musical events are also held in clubs: Forty Kleparz, Lizard King, and in the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre. The doors of Fabryka, with its powerful, post-industrial spaces, are only open for the duration of events. A lot of good, alternative music is on offer from clubs like: Re, Rozrywki 3, Imbir , Kotkarola, Literki, and Betel. Lovers of musical cruises happily anchor at the Tawerna Żeglarska Stary Port and Wręga, where every Friday and Saturday you can listen for free to shanties and sailing stories.

If you like clubbing, head to Taawa Music Club. Here you'll come across renowned DJs, and the club can hold 400 partygoers at once! If you prefer a more old school climate, drop by Społem. Gadgets from Communist Poland, the dance floor is ruled by Helena Vondráčková, and waiting crowds wriggle in front of the bar. You can dance to sharper sounds at the Jazz Rock Cafe. You can treat yourself to Saturday Night Fever at one of the many dance clubs on Szewska Street. Dancefloor frolics to fashionable rhythms can also be found at Base, Bomba, Ministerstwo, Coco, InBlanco or Cień. If you want to feel the hustle and bustle of Latin rhythms, then the Cubano Theatre will work best for you. Anyone who has visited Prozak 2.0, knows that it is immediately addictive. Worthy of recommendation are Cocon Music Club, Ciemnia and ZOO Klub.

Krakow is the Polish cradle of jazz: its traditions in the city date back to the time before the Second World War. It is in Krakow every year that the oldest Polish Festival takes place – Krakowskie Zaduszki Jazzowe – the first festival was held in 1954. Here in the 60s there was the cult club Helikon, where Krzysztof Komeda and Zbigniew Seifert performed, and Tomasz Stańko first encountered jazz. Today, excellent, improvised music can be heard in Alchemia, where the Krakow Jazz Autumn was initiated. You can also listen to good jazz in: Piec Art, Mile Stone Jazz Club (located at the Qubus Hotel) and the Harris Piano Jazz Bar.

Krakow also, of course, has cabarets. The most famous is located in the Piwnica Pod Baranami, founded, among others, by Piotr Skrzynecki in 1956. Loch Camelot, a cabaret with 20 years experience, is located in the basement of the 13th-century building at Św. Tomasza St. 17 Of course do not forget Rotunda, which every year becomes a real cabaret homeland in connection with PAKA, the Amateur Cabaret Review – recognized as the most prestigious event in the Polish cabaret community.

Many venues also operate non-musical activities. At Magazyna Kultury, operating at Kolanko No. 6, in addition to concerts, there are exhibitions, dance workshops, original 35mm film screenings and poetry slams. Similarly, there is Pauza, where as well as mini concerts and photographic exhibitions, there is cinema focusing on ambitious films, as well as having special screenings for an English-speaking audience. Strong literary inclinations are to be found at Café Szafé, Lokator, or Massolit Books. Jewish culture is promoted at Cheder Café, where in addition to a gallery it houses a library. Every Tuesday at Café Artefakt you can relax with board games, currently returning to favour.

Club life in Krakow does not only take place on land. The city is increasingly turning to the Vistula River. Krakow Beach is not only 10 000 square metres of sand, but also a restaurant and a club. On the Vistula Boulevards at Gazowa St. there is moored the beautiful 19th-century Dutch barge Alrina. On board, there are concerts, conferences, and even small theatrical presentations.

In Krakow, there also operate a number of sports clubs. Matches of your favourite teams can be watched in CK Browar, Sports Bar, Sports Pub, Non Iron Pub (especially recommended for lovers of rugby), the English Football Club and Stara Zajezdnia. The latter is a unique building, situated in an area protected by UNESCO, recently restored and adapted for cultural entertainment. It hosts Krakow's largest restaurant, for 600 people, with the longest beer bar in Poland. Loves of more active forms of relaxation can play at Prominent, where you can enjoy bowling, and there are also a few pool tables.