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The most popular attractions you must see in Krakow

See what attractions are waiting for you in Krakow

Kraków z lotu ptaka - Panoramic view of the city center

The Old Town
The Main Market Square, the Cloth Hall, the ancient churches, picturesque streets and historic palaces, all within the Planty, plus the obligatory stroll along the Royal Route, but what a pleasant obligation!


Kazimierz - Kazimierz District

Kazimierz and Podgórze
Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter, now a gathering of contrasts: Here there are Hasidim and clubbers, solemn celebrations and weekend bazaars.

Podgórze – once an independent city, not only outside Krakow, but also Poland, is today experiencing a second wind: the right bank of the Vistula is increasingly a place where investors, modern museums, and lovers of night life, are willing to move.

Nowa Huta z lotu ptaka II - Panoramic view of the Nowa Huta district

Nowa Huta
The social realist incarnation of the utopian dream of a city combining symmetry and beauty with functionality.

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News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2019-05-09
Last update: 2023-06-14