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A New ibis Styles Hotel Makes Its Debut on the Tourist Map of Krakow!

A 259-room ibis Styles Kraków Centrum hotel has opened its doors to welcome its first guests, joining the Accor hotels family, a leading hotel group in the world. Known for its unique leitmotifs, the brand invites guests to discover the true and vivid history of Krakow, woven into the earliest flowerings of local social culture. The hotel also houses a Chill Bar –a new Accor restaurant concept implemented for the first time in Poland. Hanna Pietras Architectural Design Studio has designed the building. The investor of the new hotel is the renowned Austrian developer, UBM Development.

Photo Ibis Styles Kraków Centrum

A story alive

From mid-September, ibis Styles Kraków Centrum hotel located at Mogilska Street welcomes its first guests. The hotel offers 259 modern and comfortable rooms located on 7 floors. Like every ibis Styles hotel, it is characterised by a unique leitmotif that is present at every stage of your stay. Thanks to this, it invites guests to discover a unique world and history that guarantees an unforgettable experience. The inspiration for the leitmotif of the ibis Styles Kraków Centrum is the rich history of Krakow, the surrounding area and more, as well as the local culture, tradition and art. Thus, the facility is a unique place for enthusiasts of design and architecture.

When choosing the leitmotif for our hotel, we were inspired by the development of social culture woven, among others, into literature, art or tradition. Over the centuries, Krakow has grown to be the cradle of Polish culture, and the local tradition and history can be seen at every corner to this day. We want to pay tribute to our heritage and history by introducing modern, creative design and attention to every detail and by inviting everyone to gradually immerse in heritage. Thanks to this, every guest visiting our hotel can experience an unforgettable adventure discovering new symbols and will be happy to return, leaving his own traces in the former capital of Poland – says Anna Mida, director of the ibis Styles Kraków Centrum hotel.

Tradition and present day

According to the leitmotif, traces of history and culture are smoothly incorporated into the décor of the hotel's common spaces and rooms. Opposite the entrance to the hotel's restaurant, there is a notice board for the local community, as well as an exchange point. It is a space where all hotel visitors can exchange books, CDs, vinyl records or, for example, plant seedlings. In this way, ibis Styles Kraków Centrum wants to encourage people to interact, exchange views and engage in local culture.

A collage of everyday items from the past brings reflection on the past in a fun and engaging way. On the other hand, quotes from renowned poets associated with Krakow, like Wisława Szymborska or Czesław Miłosz, inspire you to look at reality in a completely different way. In addition, the signs placed on the floor not only allow you to find your place in the hotel space, but also contain additional information or tips that will brighten up each day. Messages encrypted in Morse code are hidden almost everywhere in the hotel. The inseparable elements that bind the whole design together are human traces in the form of handprints, fingerprints or handwriting woven into hotel carpets.

However, ibis Styles also has traces of modernity in the form of solutions straight from the future, such as a charging station for electric cars. Guests can also use a modern conference space with a boardroom adapted for use in company training and business meetings and the first restaurant concept in Poland – Chill #53 Café & Bar.

Place for CHILL

Guests visiting ibis Styles Kraków Centrum as well as all residents of Krakow can relax in a completely new common space, designed according to the first CHILL concept in Poland. The style of the restaurant and bar refers to the atmosphere of a cosy, vibrant café. The idea behind the new concept is to create a multifunctional place that changes during the day, allowing guests to enjoy their morning coffee in a relaxing atmosphere, and in the evening, to spend a moment with a glass of craft beer or local wine. The arrangement of the open style space emphasises the sense of community and creates an atmosphere in which everyone can spend time at work, meetings, a favourite meal or simply relaxing.

Additionally, Chill #53 Café & Bar also functions as an artisan café with a rustic and organic atmosphere, where everyone can enjoy a great selection of coffee, tea and other drinks. ibis Styles Kraków Centrum cooperates with local partners, offering guests coffee roasted in Kraków, which is the pride of this place. The restaurant, in turn, offers a wide menu of local dishes or bagels inspired by Krakow, including pastrami sandwiches and snacks.

We are glad that, once again, UBM has had the opportunity to create a space and join the urban heritage of Krakow. All the projects that we have implemented so far have harmoniously complemented the urban fabric, matching the atmosphere of this beautiful city. The ibis Styles hotel allowed us to implement an interesting, modern project, the contemporary design of which refers to the language of the cultural symbols of Kraków. We hope that these references will be discovered not only by hotel guests, but also by the local community, for which it will be a place of frequent meetings – points out Sebastian Vetter, member of the management board of UBM Development Polska

Unique hotels with a leitmotif.

ibis Styles is a rapidly growing budget brand of Accor hotels, offering an excellent stay experience based on creativity and fun design. Each of the brand's objects is characterised by a unique and unprecedented design and leitmotifs that ensure an unforgettable experience. Creativity and good atmosphere invite everyone to discover the adventure and the world hidden in each of the brand’s hotels. The brand has implemented special conveniences for children and families, making hotels a place filled with fun and comfortable for parents. Each ibis Styles hotel is unique and different, and the design alludes to the tradition, history or culture of the place. Thanks to this, the brand provides everyone with an unforgettable experience all over the world.

The new ibis Styles Kraków Centrum hotel is located very close to the city centre as well as the Railway Station, Tauron Arena and the Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University. Due to its convenient location, it is an ideal place to start your adventure with discovering the historical traces of Krakow.


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Author: ibis Styles Kraków Centrum
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2021-09-23
Last update: 2021-09-23

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