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Old Town Attractions

The profile of Wawel Hill with Sigismund's tower and the golden dome of the Sigismund Chapel, the Old Town surrounded by the Planty – the park was founded on the site of the old ramparts, the centuries-old townhouses and palaces, the churches with relics of the saints, the Royal Route leading from St. Florian's Gate and the Barbican to the castle – this is the image of old Krakow. It is also – and perhaps primarily – the city's "salon", its Main Square, which, from its inception has served as the centre of social and political life, and has been the setting for great historical events.

Panorama Rynku Głównego - Panoramic viev of Market Square Kościół Mariacki nocą II - Saint Mary's Basilica by night

The Main Market Square

St. Mary's Church

Sukiennice - The Cloth Hall Wawe - Wawel Royal Castle

The Cloth Hall

Wawel Royal Castle

Collegium Maius Barbakan i Mury obronne - The Barbican and the defensive walls
The Collegium Maius

The Barbakan and the Defensive Walls

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Published: 2019-05-10
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