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The Polish Tourism Organisation Supports the Safe Tourism Campaign

The Polish Tourism Organisation supports the ‘Safe Tourism’ campaign. The campaign promoting the high level of security of the Polish tourism industry has been initiated by tourist industry organisations, including the Polish Tourism Council and the Polish Council of Industry Meetings and Events. 

Photo Norbert Wawrzyniak

Research conducted around the world, including research conducted by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany, confirms that tourism does not technically contribute to the spread of Covid-19 disease. This is, inter alia, the effect of a very high level of vaccination of the serving staff. In order to reach the widest possible audience with this information, the Polish Tourism Council launched the ‘Safe Tourism’ campaign, encouraging representatives of the tourism industry to use graphics confirming care for the safety of customers and ensuring that the staff is vaccinated. The campaign is promoted by tourist organisations associated in the Polish Tourism Council – the Polish Association of Tourist Agents, the Open Tourist Organisation, the Krakow Chamber of Tourism and the Chamber of Tourism of the Republic of Poland, as well as organisations associated within the Meetings and Events Industry Council.

Organisations conducting the campaign emphasise that travelling in an appropriate sanitary regime can be safe both for the customers and the employees of the sector. The travel agents that joined the ‘Safe Tourism’ campaign meet the highest sanitary standards, and 100% of their staff is vaccinated, which significantly increases the safety of customers.

These offices also have adequate knowledge to meet all the rules of safe travel and sanitary requirements. The ‘Safe Tourism’ campaign has a clear message addressed to customers: We are vaccinated, tourism is safe, and our staff cares about your safety and their own safety.

We encourage you to download and use graphics to independently promote the ‘Safe Tourism’ campaign. All materials have been prepared by Norbert Wawrzyniak, a member of the Polish Association of Tourist Agents and the owner of a tourist agency and the advertising agency Studio74.com.pl. Graphics promoting the activity can be used free of charge by anyone who wants to participate in the campaign and promote ‘Safe Tourism’. They are available on the campaign web page– ‘Safe Tourism’.

The campaign is currently conducted in Polish and English. It will soon be expanded to other languages as well. 

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Author: Polish Tourism Organisation
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2021-09-23
Last update: 2021-09-23

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