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Wide Open Campaign in the Małopolska – Travel Destination Project

Hospitality, diversity and continuous openness to tourists – these are the characteristics of the Małopolska region and its capital Kraków, emphasised by the Wide Open... / Unglaubliche vielfalt… campaign promoting the tourist offer of the region and its capital abroad. The campaign started on 1st May. It is a joint project of the Małopolska Tourist Organisation, the Małopolska Region and Municipality of Kraków.

The promotional campaign is carried out under the Małopolska – Travel Destination project. One of its most important elements is the gesture of open hands, because hospitality and openness are the distinguishing qualities of Poland and Poles and meet with great response from all visitors of the region and its capital. Therefore, this is what we can see in spots and on banners prepared under the promotional campaign: Małopolska and Kraków are exceptionally well-prepared to receive guests again, welcoming them with open arms after the long pandemic period, ensuring the comfort and safety of sightseeing and rest.

The campaign started on 1st May and is addressed primarily to the UK and German markets, because tourists from these countries have visited Małopolska most often in the last few years. The campaign has been expanded to include the German, British, American, Austrian, Swiss, Italian, Scandinavian countries, and domestic markets.

Promotional activities are carried on in many channels, mainly on the Internet, using the state-of-the-art online marketing products and tools. The campaign includes spots and banners that emphasise the richness of the tourist offer of Małopolska and Kraków. Those watching them can feel that it is here that they have a chance to experience an unusual adventure in the bosom of nature, to admire the masterpieces of art and architecture, to savour unique tastes and to relax and rest. This message is accompanied by images of picturesque routes, the most beautiful monuments, local delicacies and soothing health and cosmetic treatments.

The project "Malopolska - a destination" is financed by European Funds, within the framework of the Regional Operational Program of the Malopolska Region for 2014-2020.  It is a joint project of the Małopolska Tourist Organisation, the Małopolska Province and Kraków. Each of the project partners performs different tasks. The leader – the Małopolska Tourist Organisation – is responsible for creative concepts, the production and broadcasting of materials and the organisation of trade missions. The partners of the project are Małopolska and Kraków. The Małopolska region is responsible for the communication of recreational tourism products (including cultural, culinary, active tourism, spa and wellness products) under the online marketing campaign. The city focuses on promoting business tourism, which is of strategic importance to the tourist industry in Kraków due to the huge organisational potential and base of facilities that can become places of business meetings for organisers from around the world.

Project implementation period: until 31.12.2023.

Overall project budget: PLN 24,000,000.00

Within the scope of the project, the Kraków Convention Bureau (Department of Tourism, Municipality of Kraków) completed:

Three videos using the profiles of Ambassadors of Kraków and Małopolska, aimed at supporting the international promotion of Małopolska science, economy and art.

10 virtual walks around conference facilities of Kraków and Małopolska

Positioning of the Kraków Convention Bureau website

The Young Professionals Forum during ICCA Congress in Krakow in November 2022

Kraków's conference offer at trade fairs and events in 2022

The MICE promotional campaign in the press 

Fam trip “Experience Krakow. Visit Malopolska” has ended!

“Wide open for sustainable meetings”

Krakow Convention Bureau – trade fairs, round table meetings, industry panels in 2023

Social media of KCB:





To become familiar with the landing page of the campaign, please visit:

More information about Malopolska - travel destination:

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Author: UMK
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2022-07-14
Last update: 2023-12-08
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