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International conference about eating disorders will be held in Krakow

The Eastern European Eating Disorder Network (EEEDN), will organize second international conference on most recent topics of eating disorders. This year conference will be held in Krakow on October 28-30 with a special focus on psychological issues in times of global uncertainty.

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“It is privilege to invite all colleagues to the second EEEDN conference. The conference was postponed twice - first time because of Covid-19 and second time because of the Russia invasion of Ukraine. Hence the title “Eating disorders at the times of uncertainty” is a very appropriate one. We all felt difficulties imposed on us by isolation because of Covid pandemic. Yet our Ukrainian colleagues face a second catastrophe - a war of destruction by the aggressive neighbour which has resulted in a big increase in eating disorders cases. For them we have organized extra facilities to be able to join us. Let me assure you that the program of conference is diverse and of top quality”, says chairperson of EEEDN Brigita Baks.

Eating disorders are a widespread problem. Flawed attitudes towards weight, body shape and eating play a key role in the development of eating disorders. These disorders can be particularly affected by persistent stress, anxiety and the lack of control over one’s life. This is currently the case for our societies now. In order to help Ukrainian colleagues deal with this increase in cases as a result of the war a group of fifty Ukrainian mental health professionals will receive free accommodation and transportation in order to allow them to participate in person.

The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating. They lead not only to psychological problems, but will eventually damage the heart, digestive system, bones and teeth, and lead to a range of other illnesses or death. Eating disorders are the most lethal mental illnesses, with approximately 10-20% not surviving.

Initially it was planned to organize the conference in Kyiv. Now it will take place in the historic Polish city of Krakow, to allow maximum Ukrainian participation. The conference usually attracts some 150 mental health professionals from Central and Eastern Europe as well as from the Caucasus and Central Asia. Among the speakers are prominent European specialists in the field of eating disorders. Registration is still open here:

On the first day of the conference Fernando Fernández-Aranda, distinguished Professor from University of Barcelona, will talk about Therapy Response in Eating Disorders and there will also be a seminar with various professionals “Lived experiences of eating disorders treatment: What the professionals need to know.”

On second day (29th October) Riccardo Dalle Grave, Head of the Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit in Italy will talk about the psychological model on eating disorder treatment. There will be also 2 workshops held by Assistant Professor form Trinity College Dublin Gerard J. Butcher and by specialist Lithuanian Eating Disorder Center Gintautas Narmontas.

Organizers of the conference invited all professionals to present their most recent works in the field of eating disorders. More than 15 people filled the application and will be talking about their research on the second day. Topics include the role of autophagy in anorexia nervosa, cognitive flexibility, religious coping and its impact on the recovery, online treatment for ultra-orthodox young women, development of healthy lifestyle skills in a preschool, etc.

In the evening Polish Group Session is planned and will cover these topics: an update on prophylaxis and prevention, the impact of eating disorders on skin and its appendages, eating disorders and experiencing violence among children and adolescents, the link between anorexia and psychosis, the importance of narrative practices in the family therapy process and others.

On the third day two keynote speakers will make their presentations, which will be followed by Q&A sessions. Paul Robinson from University College London, UK, will talk about advances in the treatment of eating disorders: day care, MEED and online treatment, Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy from Hungary Bea Pászthy will share the lessons learned from her patients.

The conference will end with debate moderated by Gerard Butcher (Ireland). Maciej Pilecki (Poland) and Gintautas Narmontas (Lithuania) will discuss all pros and cons of using BMI as a measure of recovery in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders.

More information about the conference:

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News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2023-10-18
Last update: 2023-10-18
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