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Ecology pays off – for everyone and anyone. Krakow5020 – the ESG policy for ICE Krakow

At the moment, ICE Krakow has its “Sustainability Policy”, devised in collaboration with representatives of the meetings industry in Krakow. This policy provides for good practices, tips and solutions for congress or concert organizers. Now it is time for it to devise its own ESG policy. An expert on the subject, the Carbon Footprint Foundation, will help to achieve this. A letter of intent was signed at Cricoteka during the Carbon Footprint Summit 2023, marking the beginning of work on the document.

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Reliable experts will help produce an ESG policy for the ICE Krakow Congress Centre. – The Carbon Footprint Foundation, established in early 2019, is a response to the challenges faced by organizations, companies or associations. It works to build public awareness through educational projects and the publication of substantive content. It collaborates with other NGOs, responsible business, and experts, and co-creates a platform for sharing know-how on implementing sustainable solutions. Coordinated efforts by people from different backgrounds and raising public awareness are the key to making real changes that effectively combat the climate crisis. One of the sectors with which the Foundation wants to help is the MICE industry, which organizes large-scale national and international events that leave a carbon footprint – explains Agnieszka Rozwadowska, president of the Carbon Footprint Foundation, adding – Over the course of the Carbon Footprint Foundation’s four years of operation, we have built solid and reliable standards for working with organizations, partners and businesses. Since the Foundation’s inception, the analytical team’s competence has been strengthened and developed. For this reason, I’m glad that we can realistically and actively support the green transformation by building a decarbonization strategy not only for organizations, but also for events, products or services. The green transformation we are participating in today is primarily a psychological change. The carbon footprint is the most universal indicator of human impact on the environment. It helps us measure, analyse, identify areas, and ultimately take specific steps to decarbonise human activities – as individuals and as a whole”, says Agnieszka Rozwadowska, president of the Carbon Footprint Foundation.

Among other things, the Carbon Footprint Foundation pursues its goals through a social Think Tank, providing a space for free communication of the world of science, business and activism by developing the #idea #fact #tech format of the international Carbon Footprint Summit, whose carbon footprint it has been analysing and optimizing since the beginning – since it was held for the first time. – We know how to do it, we understand the challenges of the event industry, we recognize doubts, allay fears, and teach how to communicate about the carbon footprint. Today we do not ask “why”, but “how”. Therefore, we want to infuse energy into the ESG transformation of the meetings industry in our region. This not only provides a competitive advantage for the entire value chain in the sector. More importantly, without identifying, hedging and mitigating sustainability risks ,  business will not be able to generate a stable profit. Ecology pays off – for everyone and anyone. It’s as simple as that”, Rozwadowska adds.


The signed letter of intent between Krakow5020 – the operator of ICE Krakow – and the Carbon Footprint Foundation marks the start of work on the ESG policy. The team, which will be set up in the coming days, will also develop criteria for a carbon footprint calculator, which more and more clients in the meetings industry are asking about.

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Author: ICE Kraków
News author: Małgorzata Rajwa
News Publisher: Biuro Kongresów EN
Published: 2023-10-27
Last update: 2023-10-30
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